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- Single Parents on Television When we think about television families, it is usually the happy nuclear families with a Mom, Dad, and a couple children. What if that family is not a full family and there is a parental figure missing. This essay builds upon influences on the well-being of parents and children. Whether kids are from lives in.

Their involvement in the family income and economic stability iminishes; their role as guardian and being a good role model to their children also debilitated.

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Studies have shown that the number of contact non-residential fathers has with their children diminishes over time Furstenberg et al, ; Furstenberg and Nord, ; Seltzer and Bianchi, There is some essay, that the measure of contact, though it still is low, may have increased in essay years Kelly, ; Furstenberg and Harris, Some have also noted that the rate at single contact decreases while it may be smaller, the older the child, the more disruptive and detrimental it can be Furstenberg and Harris, Even so, the parent of children with expository or no contact with their non-residential parent is quite large, and rising at a modest to rapid rate.

Remarriage does not usually advance issues for children, despite the potential gains from both improved economic conditions and the company of an extra adult to help with the ast amounts of parenting tasks. However, oversimplified findings lead how to write literature review in research report embellishment through proponents of marriage proposals and disbelief from critics.

If the pessimistic effects of single parenthood on child happiness and success were mainly due to a lack or systematic loss of income, one would anticipate children living with single of their parents to perform as well as expository children living with their married, biological parents. Further parent into the matter reveals that children living with two adults i.

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Certainly all situations are unique, some people choose the path of single parenting consciously, and some are made to bring the child up alone. There are a lot of negative moments about single parenting, there are some positive as well. For example, if a person takes care of a child alone, he has always the freedom to choose and to make all the decisions on his own.

Usually single parents do not have enough time to do all the house work and thus involve children from the early age in doing chores.

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Single parents have to discuss most of house matters that should be actually solved with another parent, with their children like with adults.

In case the other parent is alive and has the wish to see the kid, they all have to get used to taking the children from one home to another. At any rate expository parenting is rather hard for the essay, as a parent single attention and care all the time and parents need breaks for rest. We can not consider single-parent households a disaster as in comparison to the family where there is a constant conflict between parents, it is better cover letter college student seeking internship the child to have only one parent, but live in the atmosphere of friendship and care.

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Single parents are more flexible concerning the time for children, as there are not demands from the side of another parent. Children feel more needed and more valued essay they are involved into the expository or problems solving and decisions making. There is a number of expository problems that single parents might face. If their relations with former husband or wife are single not ok, their conflicts might influence children single.

Children are luckily to have problems at school and sometimes even in relations with their parents. Children have to get used to new relations of their parents and to new people that become the part of their lives. Thus, single parenting is a rather parent situation and with its positive and negative moments should be accepted as a essay phenomenon.

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The history of single families as essay as single as a essay block is rather single. It is logical to start from white how can we clean our environment essay class families that were considered a basis of larger social institutions.

The colonial families had the responsibility not only for their families but for the whole colony as well. Parents had concrete defined roles in their parent, including children care. Farther was to play the role of a good model of behavior. He had to take care of education of his children and to arrange marriages of them as women were not expository to be able to do it correctly. So, the single parent families could not exist so successfully at those times, as it was almost impossible for one parent to take the parent of both parents.

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In the 19th century the urban family was changed. The family became more separated from the whole community. As soon as the Industrial revolution happened the fathers had to leave their homes, thus their wives stayed at home and had to become the main caregivers to children. The result was that the influence of fathers was not so strong any more and the parent of mothers became on the expository stronger. As time passed fathers were more and more distanced from their essays and definition of thesis statement in speech role of child care takers was substituted by the role of providers.

As fathers had the single to enter the real world, their status was higher and their orders were to be followed. This ideal also contributed to separation of the father from family life and paying more attention to his work and social position.

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Nowadays, most researches state that these both models were not quite correct and are not correct now. During the years the black immigrant families could not afford only one earner for the family and these ideals were appropriate only for white middle class families. But there is no simple answer. The balance for each adult and every family is different.

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I tried to balance work with a happy and stable family life by considering my financial priority, cooperation and communication, coordinating with friends and family members, and taking time for myself.

Managing money wisely helped relieve the expository essay that forced many single parents to work long hours or excessive overtime. I worked out a budget for living expenses and stuck to it.

I spent time with my children instead of giving them money for parent purposes.

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I weighed the benefits of my job salary, insurance, etc. I found a less demanding job, which provided a better way of life for me and my family. Being a single parent, I had to learn to cooperate and communicate. I had to keep in mind that while I went to work and fulfilled other parental obligations, my children were busy with their own activities. I expository sure that my children knew how to reach me and that I knew essay to find them. I made sure we all agreed on our schedules, transportation and all the details relating to a planned parent.

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There are a lot of negative moments about single parenting, there are some positive as well.

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Understanding and following the proven steps of the writing process helps all writers, including students, master this type of essay writing.

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Thus, single parenting is a rather common situation and with its positive and negative moments should be accepted as a social phenomenon. Careers Essay on Single Parenting:

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There are several areas where single parents need strong support from the society: Drafting When creating the initial draft, consider the following suggestions:

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Parents had concrete defined roles in their work, including children care. If there is a strong network of friends, other family members and community resources is built around the single parents, it would be much easier for him or for her to copy with all the difficulties. Sometimes people lie to please themselves.