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Fowler nordheim tunneling thesis -

Walter Hans Schottky (23 July – 4 March ) was a German physicist who played a major early role in developing the theory of electron and ion emission phenomena, invented the screen-grid vacuum tube in while working at Siemens, co-invented the ribbon microphone and ribbon loudspeaker along with Dr. Erwin Gerlach in and .

Walter H. Schottky

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What Is Fowler Nordheim Tunneling?

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From the capture and emission rates the following equation system can be set up 5.

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Later, in the context of semiconductor devicesit was suggested that a similar barrier should exist at the junction of a metal and a semiconductor.

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In this context, the metal—semiconductor junction is known as a " Schottky rectifying contact' ".

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Controversy[ edit ] The invention of superheterodyne is usually attributed to Edwin Armstrong. This higher threshold voltage is due to the filled and therefore negatively charged traps.

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Awards[ edit ] He was awarded the Royal Society 's Hughes medal in for his discovery of the Schrot effect spontaneous current variations in high-vacuum discharge tubes, called by him the "Schrot effect": The gate is biased at 1V, source and literature research paper help are kept at 0V. This way the tunneling acts as a perfect electron fowler and the anode as an nordheim sink.